First Words: Sweet!

My stash from Dylan's. Gave most of it the same chick who put the sweet shop on par with Manhattan's must-sees.

Like everything that is new, this blogging stuff rocks! If I sound–well, strangely adolescent–excuse me. I’m like a kid in a candy bar, Dylan’s Candy Bar, to be exact. You know, the 3-floor Wonka-esque sweet shop created by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan.

So before I left Singapore to visit cousin Jeremy [that is another story] in New Jersey, a friend passed me a map of Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan.

Said I just had to go there, like its a must-see on par with the Statue of Liberty and Empire State.

A candy store with that kind of status? It better be good.

Giant lollies!

Sweets for the sweet.

Here are the pictures. You be the judge. Post your comments below.


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