Chinese Santa

Remember the days when a plate of char kway teow in all its cockled glory, gleaming with lard oil, was wok-fried by an old uncle who’d been doing this for the past 20 years? Well, this too has been outsourced.

You know the times they are a-changin’ (to steal Bob Dylan‘s immortal lyric) when you visit a foodcourt and find that an equally tasty plate of char kway teow is now competently served up by your friendly neighbourhood Chinese national.

Your friendly neighbourhood Chinese national conjures up a mean char kway teow, wearing a Santa cap in keeping with the season.

Eat that! 😀


2 responses to “Chinese Santa

  1. Oh Wow!!
    This is certainly the ‘X Factor’… 😀

    Char Kway Teow is my favourite Singaporean dish, always ordered with an extra $1 cockles, since the Char Kway Teow they serve here in London certainly comes without them.

    Some of the Japanese restaurants here are run by the Chinese too… which I would call ‘unauthentic’ Japanese food, that can’t be compared to the authentic taste of ones prepared by the skillful Japanese chefs, and certainly we would avoid. 😀

  2. times are a-changing indeed ]:

    Chinese nationals can be found working everywhere now!

    But haha, love how he’s keeping with the season with that hat 😀

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