About Me

Obviously, this list is a work-in-progress. Do add to this list in the comments below. You know me better than I know myself.

1. I am what is called an omicron male. That’s the letter O in the Greek alphabet. Which symbolizes someone in glasses. O-O And you thought O was Omega? That’s funny. Omega is the end. As for being an Alpha male, those are hard to morph into, unless one sweats an hour in the gym every day, wears Diesel/RL and similar. And don’t get me started on Beta males. They are too virulent.

2. My favourite colours are black, white, and grey. Those are colours to be surrounded in. To wear? That would be bright green, red, yellow, and orange. No, I don’t own a lavender coloured shirt, though I spoze I would look good in that colour. Very good, in fact. Note to stylist: Get one pronto.

3. I am a shoe-freak. Shoes maketh the man, right?

4. My favourite TV programmes are Bewitched! and Wonder Woman. Yes, these are from the 70s, but the theme songs, storylines, and the cast are classic and clean. They don’t degrade women and are set in a more innocent time. We need that today. Also, Elizabeth Montgomery and Lynda Carter are a few of the classiest women I know. Oh yes, and Zsa Zsa too.

5. I love dogs and think the world of them. And like CS Lewis, I do believe that there is a place in heaven for people to be reunited with their pets one day. Because as Lewis said, the pet does take on certain characteristics of the owner, or becomes an extension of the owner after time.

6. I read more non-fiction than fiction. I mean, why read something that isn’t real when you can read something that’s fact? So, yes, I have not read much poetry, fairy tales, detective novels, science fiction (now that’s a grey area if ever there was one), adventure stories, and pretty much all the classics (Austen, Dickens, Hemingway, you name it, I didn’t go there.)

7. I love travel. My favourite places are Japan, obviously, especially the countryside, and New Zealand. I dream of visiting far-flung places like the Antartic, Nova Scotia, Edinburgh, and Peru. Alaska has got to be on my map too, because of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). But places in the third world are on the list too, because that’s where I can go on missions to Cambodia, Burma, maybe even Laos, someday.

8. I think best when it’s quiet. I listen to my students on the piano and Electone daily, and it can get to me. Especially students who are on the prowl for cool sounds. I mean, grow up! Cool sounds come about after loads of time dinking around the keys. Crafting. Cool sounds do not materialize from thin air. So I chill out sorting the whites from the darks (and don’t get me started on why shirts should be sorted separated for laundering), and find my space in soothing, well-decorated surroundings.

9. My favourite book of all time is the Bible. It’s withstood man’s will to destroy it through the ages, and its preservation through time and history is nothing short of miraculous. It outsells all books all the time. More important, God speaks through it and the Bible never fails to inspire and encourage me draw closer to Him.

10. I am helping someone edit an as-yet-unpublished work, “Helping Overgrown Teenagers Act Their Age.” It is an uphill task, but one I will persevere in.


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